Approaching the end of their third decade, McMiddlin decided the time was ripe to travel with wild abandon, leaving behind their jobs or any sense of responsibility for as long as they could avoid it. Stasiophobic, this blog, is where they record their adventures for their friends, their family, and anyone else who might find it useful. For the uninitiated, McMiddlin isn’t a person, they’re a couple. In fact, it’s a portmanteau of their two surnames. Andrew McCluskey is one half of this couple, and Katrina Middlin is the other. Together, they are McMiddlin.

A selfie of McMiddlin on Don Kohne


Not content to stop at just one made up name, Stasiophobic is another product of McMiddlin’s imagination. It is the fear of staying still, coming from stasis, meaning “a state of no action or progress”, and phobia, meaning fear. It does a good job of capturing our general need to be doing new and exciting things as often as we can.

We expect our stasiophobia to keep us away from Australia for about three years. Our end goal is to spend one or two years living in various places throughout Central and South America but we’re taking the long way around to get there. Kicking off in January 2014, we plan to spend six months in Asia (Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Nepal, Vietnam and Japan) followed by three months in the USA and Canada. After that … who knows? The USA border officials will no doubt require us to have a ticket out of their fine country before they let us in but as yet we have no idea where in Central/ South America we’ll start.

In an attempt to make it easier for our different audiences to take what they want from Stasiophobic, we make use of a few different categories for our content. Anything under Places relates to, you guessed it, a place we visited. It will likely contain one or more short narratives, as well as some useful details for anyone travelling there. For these posts, we try to add a Logistics section at the bottom for those who are just interested in details like where to stay and how much it will cost. Navel Gazing is our other category (for now – there may be more to come), which covers more of our general thoughts and feelings around travel and other related topics.

If you’d like to get in contact with McMiddlin, you can do so by emailing us at info@stasiophobic.com, or leaving a comment.


  1. Cathie Middlin

    Great blog name and a fantastic first blog Macca. Sounds like you had an interesting time in Kep. My mouth was watering looking at you eat your pepper crab. Andy and I love pepper and chilli crab. Lovely sunset photo from your treetop “digs”.
    Keep the posts coming.
    Love to you both.
    Cathie and Andy

    1. Katrina Middlin

      Thanks Renee! Hopefully you’ll see the photos improve as I go. Yours are stunning, by the way (I just had a look at your website again). Hope you and the family are all well.

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